sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2008

Obama's Nomination Address

My younger daughter and I made a point of watching Obama's speech live last night, here in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, though it meant going to bed after midnight. We both knew it was an historic moment, not to be missed. We sat on the sofa and held hands and hugged as we listened to his heart-felt words. We also drank in the emotions of people in the audience, particularly African-Americans - some, both men and women, had tears streaming down their faces.

We are both sorry we can't vote for Obama in this election, and we're sure that he is the right person to set right the wrongs that the Bush administration has committed around the world. But then again, if the US is dumb enough to miss this chance to have a brilliant, inspiring and compassionate leader like Barack Obama, he can come and be President of Brazil, as far as we're concerned. He's already a "poster child" for change in this country.

Sabrina Gledhill

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