domingo, 8 de março de 2009

President Barack Obama: Toward a Better Day
President Barack Obama, in his weekly address to the nation Saturday, said: "Yesterday, we learned that the economy lost another 651,000 jobs in the month of February, which brings the total number of jobs lost in this recession to 4.4 million. The unemployment rate has now surpassed 8 percent, the highest rate in a quarter century. These aren't just statistics, but hardships experienced personally by millions of Americans who no longer know how they'll pay their bills, or make their mortgage, or raise their families."

President Barack Obama used his weekly address to detail his plans to fix our ailing economy, noting that reforming health care is necessary to ensure our long term fiscal health. While ending this crisis will not be quick or easy, the President's plans will take the swift, bold, and responsible actions needed for the United States to emerge stronger and more prosperous than before.
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