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The truth about Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck was just on the cover of TIME magazine.1 Instead of telling the truth about Beck--that he repeatedly race-baits, lies and distorts the truth--TIME raises the question of whether Beck represents a legitimate voice in American politics.2

It's absurd, and it's not just TIME. In article after article, reporters seem afraid to call out what Beck is actually doing, and they often neglect to mention the very real backlash against Beck, including the fact that more than 62 companies have stopped advertising on his show.

You can help. In just a few minutes you can write and submit a letter-to-the-editor to papers in your area and help the media tell the whole story. We've got a tool that makes it very easy and gives you tips for writing your letter. Just click here to get started:


Glenn Beck is getting a great deal of attention from the media at the moment. While many journalists mention some of the things he said, they usually stop themselves from calling out what he's doing. Several articles about Beck have portrayed him as merely reflecting his audience, when the reality is that he actively stokes the fires of racial paranoia with his rhetoric and repeatedly makes claims that simply aren't true.

Beck's public image is being shaped and defined right now. Our goal is to make sure it's defined properly and that he becomes a liability for anyone who chooses to support or benefit from what he's doing, including FOX and Republican politicians.

Together, we can make sure that Beck's actions define the public conversation about him. In just a few minutes you can compose a letter to the editors of your area newspapers using our special tool, provided courtesy of our friends at FireDogLake Action. We'll provide you with talking points, and you'll be able to easily compose a letter that you can send to your local and regional newspapers. You can compose your letter here:


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-- James, Gabriel, William, Dani and the rest of the ColorOfChange.org team
September 23rd, 2009

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1. "Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck bad for America?" Time, 9-17-2009

2. "The Glenn Beck Moment," The New York Times, 9-22-2009

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