quinta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2009

One down, an entire "news" channel to go...

PRESS WATCH -- DOBBS CALLS IT QUITS -- by POLITICO's Michael Calderone: 'Veteran CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, whose populist views on the perils of immigration and his repeated questioning of President Barack Obama's birthplace made him a controversial figure on a network that has traditionally eschewed opinion, announced Wednesday night that he is resigning. While Dobbs will continue his radio show, he gave no indication of whether he will stay in television-it's been rumored that he could end up on Fox. Dobbs said on his show 'Lou Dobbs Tonight,' that he's now 'considering a number of options and directions,' and that CNN president Jon Klein has released him from his contract, which is not up until 2011. He has been with CNN for 30 years.'

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