quarta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2008

Message from Color of Change

Dear Friend,

We've just elected the first Black president, Barack Obama--a leader who will serve all of us. It's a profound moment many of us thought we'd never see. What makes it even more special is that it couldn't have happened without all of us.

ColorofChange.org is putting together a story about how we feel at this moment and in what ways we helped achieve this victory. Our stories are an important part of this historic moment. I've shared my story with ColorOfChange, will you share your story too? It takes just a moment:


Ordinary people won this campaign for Obama, and we should be proud. Black people and our allies stepped up as never before: some of us talked to friends and neighbors, some of us voted for the first time, some volunteered, some gave money, and more.

And we feel great--we were personally inspired by Obama and witnessed history we never thought we'd see, while moving our friends and family to get involved in the political process and making new friends along the way that will last far beyond November.

As the dust settles, the whole media will be talking about how this victory came to be, and how everyday people feel about it. Your story should be a part of that conversation.

ColorofChange.org will gather the stories, and push to showcase them in the media, and also make them available to us. We'll be able to see what our neighbors had to say--as well as someone half-way across the country. They'll highlight the most interesting stories, and make sure the world knows how we helped make this happen.

A piece of this victory belongs to you. Make sure your story is a part of history:



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