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So health and education are "frills" now...

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Senate Finally Gets Stimulated
ByJoshua Kucera
Posted Saturday, Feb. 7, 2009, at 4:32 AM ET

Everyone leads with news of a compromise reached by Senate Democrats and a few moderate Republicans on the stimulus bill, which now appears to have enough support to pass the Senate. The compromise cut about $110 billion from the previous Senate version of the bill, and the new bill weighs in at about $820 billion. The cuts included some of President Obama's signature proposals, including to the plans to computerize medical records and expand broadband internet to rural areas. A White House aide told the Wall Street Journal that the compromise was "a strategic retreat."

The cuts included: $40 billion in aid to states, half of a proposed $15 billion in "incentive grants" for states that meet certain goals for their initial education allotment and $5 billion from a plan to help unemployed workers pay for health-care coverage, according to the Washington Post. And the New York Times mentions "$20 billion proposed for school construction; $8 billion to refurbish federal buildings and make them more energy efficient [and] $1 billion for the early childhood program Head Start.

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Source: Slate

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