sábado, 13 de dezembro de 2008

I fully approve of this message from England for Obama

Now, this annoys the hell out of me

I’m mad, and I’m not going to take it any more.

I used to rather like Richard Wolffe, Newsweek Washington correspondent and Countdown talking head. But he’s increasingly annoyed me over the Obama/Blagojevich story. Here he was on Thursday night:

Linking Obama to Blagojevich? Acting like this is some kind of serious reflection on the President-elect? This is bull****. (The stars stand for ‘crap’, by the way.)

No-one mentioned - not ever, and believe me, I watched this election like a bloody hawk - Barack Obama’s link to the ‘tainted’ and ‘corrupt’ state of Illinois until the Blagoyadoodah story broke. Or rather: they didn’t mention his link to the state of Illinois in those terms. Up to now, it’s always been a plus-point, that Obama worked in Illinois, and was the Senator for the vital, huge and typically American city of Chicago. No, siree. Nobody mentioned any possible handicap or dodgy dealings scenario until this eejit Blagojevich reared his ugly head (topped off with ’80s hairdo) and ruined it all. The same man who referred to Obama as a “mother******” (the stars stand for “crapper”, by the way) - as you do, when talking about someone you’re in cahoots with.

It’s not an unthinking devotion to Barack Obama that makes me trust him; it’s a little thing called ‘his track record’. He truly seems to be one of those politicians with an unblemished record because - shock, horror! - he actually went into politics for honorable reasons, and - shock, horror! - has nothing to hide as a result.

It’s a sad indictment on our modern view of politicians that we automatically assume them to be corrupt; or at least find it difficult to believe that they are beyond corruption. Shame on you, Richard Wolffe. Or maybe you’ve just become a little too jaded, following Washington all these years? Perhaps you’d like to become Newsweek’s arts correspondent?

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