terça-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2008

President Obama will be taking the oath on the Lincoln Bible

Sojourner Truth met with President Abraham Lincoln on October 29, 1864. This painting of the meeting was done after Truth's death by Albion (Michigan) artist, Franklin Courter.
Lincoln is portrayed showing Truth the "Lincoln Bible," presented to him by the "colored people" of Baltimore.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee announces: 'President-elect Barack Obama will take the oath of office using the same Bible upon which President Lincoln was sworn in at his first inauguration. The Bible is currently part of the collections of the Library of Congress. Though there is no constitutional requirement for the use of a Bible during the swearing-in, Presidents have traditionally used Bibles for the ceremony, choosing a volume with personal or historical significance. President-elect Obama will be the first President sworn in using the Lincoln Bible since its initial use in 1861. ... The Lincoln Bible will be available for a press viewing ... today.'

Source: Mike Allen's Politico Playbook Daily Update

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