quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2008


My younger daughter, who, like Obama, has a white mother from one country and a black father from another, asked me to post some ideas she just had about the way the elections are going in the USA. She says that Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin are becoming icons representing the post-racial, progressive world on one hand and the world that wants to kill the polar bears, drill in the tundra, ignore global warming and resume the Cold War on the other. As a theatre student, she sees it as a classic struggle between good and evil. She's got something there.

I can't help seeing parallels with two TV series - "24" and "Commander in Chief" (though the female vice-president who became POTUS was Viagra for liberals, not the GOP).

Matt Damon's take on Palin as a bad Disney movie is also right on the mark.

--Sabrina Gledhill

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