sexta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2008

Taking on the "McLobbyists"

Now that John McCain has realized this campaign will be about change, he's claiming he'll take on the 'old boys' network in Washington.

There's only one problem.

With seven of the most powerful Washington lobbyists running his campaign from the top, taking on the old boys network isn't a fight -- it's a staff meeting.

All told, at least 177 Washington lobbyists have come through the revolving door of John McCain's campaign -- raising money and setting his strategy.

While the middle class suffers under disastrous Bush-McCain economic policies, you can bet the McLobbyists aren't working to put themselves out of business.

Barack had some harsh words yesterday for John McCain about his McLobbyists and the economy.

Check out Barack's comments, then send the video to your friends:

With so many vital issues at stake, can we really expect McCain to put American families first?

Keep fighting the good fight,

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