sábado, 25 de outubro de 2008

Lessons for the human race

Nowadays, many countries require foreigners to take a general-knowledge test on their history and culture before they can be naturalised as citizens. There should be a requirement for everyone born on this planet to be "naturalised" at a certain age (say, 12) after spending a few years studying up on world history and culture. A few lessons in logic, ethics and compassion would also be useful. That way, no one would come up with the illogical association made not only by that "crazy lady" (as SNL calls her) at a McCain rally but implied by McCain himself, to wit: "Arab = Muslim = Terrorist."

What many Americans don't realise is that there are Arabs of many faiths, including Christians.

There are Muslims of many nationalities, including Americans.

And there are terrorists of many nationalists and faiths, including American Christians (remember Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, to name just two?).

I'm very glad that the BBC brought this up last night on BBC America, hosted by Katty Kay, spotlighting Colin Powell's remark that any 7-year-old Muslim American should be able to dream of being president one day. I discussed this subject in this blog entry back in July. Fortunately, the media and at least one public figure are finally waking up and speaking out.

--Sabrina Gledhill

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