segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2008

Sharing Brazilian electoral know-how with the US

urna de treinamento, com grande otelo

The elections for mayor in 30 Brazilian cities ended two hours ago and in most part of them we already know who the winners are. In Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, cities where almost ten million people voted, the results came out exactly two hours and ten minutes after the last elector pressed the button.

Despite being satisfied or not with the results, the fact is that the Brazilian voting system proves once more its perfection. Our voting machines made in Brazil and used since 1996 once again were responsible for making the elections quick and safe. In terms of elections technology, Brazil is ahead of many developed countries, including the U.S. Many South American and European representatives already came to Brazil to learn more about our voting system. Four years ago, observers from eight countries, including Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Thailand followed closely our election process as an example of fleetness and accuracy.

For the next time, US representatives would be also welcome to come.

Source: GetBrazil

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