quarta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2008

More on race and the 08 race in the NYT

The New York Times is giving me plenty of fodder for this blog today - here's the link to another interesting article on that subject:

Published: October 15, 2008
Young voters at two universities said many members of their generation remained as tangled in racial bias as their parents.

Here's an excerpt:

At the University of Cincinnati, Anthony Galarza, a graduate student in urban planning, said he had heard off-color jokes about an Obama presidency that suggested the White House would become “more ghetto” with “barbecues on the front lawn.”

“I would think on a college campus we would be a little more liberal,” said Mr. Galarza, 29. “To hear it so openly talked about, it’s disturbing — it really is. I don’t think anyone who is colorblind would make a comment like that.”

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