sexta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2008


Thirty-six hours ago, John McCain said to everyone watching the debate, "I don't care about some washed-up terrorist," and "every time there's been an out-of-bounds remark made by a Republican, no matter where they are, I have repudiated them."

A few hours later he was saying something very different to voters in key battleground states.

A new "robocall" paid for by McCain-Palin 2008 tells voters who answer their phones that Barack "has worked closely with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers" whose organization "killed Americans."

In the past, these "robocalls" -- phone calls where a machine delivers the message over and over -- have flown under the radar. The McCain campaign expects them to go largely unnoticed by the mainstream press, but thanks to the Internet, reports and records of these underhanded tactics are popping up all over the country.

Listen to McCain's "robocalls" now

Watch the ad and fight back

We knew things were going to get uglier, and now they have.

These attacks aren't coming from a fringe outside group or a rogue Republican with a bone to pick.

They're paid for by John McCain and the RNC. The "robocallers" even say, right up front, "I'm calling on behalf of John McCain" before they launch into false and discredited attacks.

We're hearing reports of calls like this from all across the country. It just shows how much we still need to do -- reaching out to voters with the truth requires twice as much work as flooding homes with "robocalls" filled with lies.

There are only 18 days left, and Barack needs your help to fight back.

These tactics are all that the McCain campaign and their allies have left.

We're fighting back, but it's going to take all of us working together to keep these lies from taking hold.

Thanks for your support,


David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

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