segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2008

The view from Canada

I've been appalled at seeing McCain supporters claiming that Obama is
Muslim and using that as a *negative* thing. I was relieved to see
Colin Powell's presentation on Meet The Press today. He was very
eloquent on the issue of religious freedom and cited the following as
an example:

The image is evocative. The story behind it even more so. The
sentiment is one that I would love to see more US leaders express
openly. The very fact that certain people in the Republican party were
using a suggested Muslim faith as an argument against Obama scares the
heck out of me. Does freedom of religion in the States today only
include certain faiths? Am I seeing things with a certain bias given
that I now live north of the US/Canada border in a country that
doesn't tolerate religious intolerance?

-- Alain Chesnais

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