quarta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2008

Did he really mean muslin? Perhaps he meant muesli. That's what liberals eat when they're out of arugula

Obama Sign In Yard Stirs Up Neighbors

Saturday, September 13, 2008 1:12:11 PM
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Obama Muslin Sign


BAREFOOT BAY -- A sign in one man's front yard has stirred up a controversy in his community.

Neighbors of Andy Lacasse said the sign, which reads "Obama Half-Breed Muslin [sic]," breaches the fine line between free speech and inappropriateness.

"I got nothing good to say about Obama," Lacasse told News 13. "If I see anybody touching that sign, I got a club sitting right over there."

Lacasse put the sign on his lawn Saturday. A Korean War veteran, he said he was a registered Democrat until Obama won the nomination.

"That's the Democratic Party. They're nothing but a bunch of cutthroats," Lacasse said. "Like I always said, you show me an honest politician, I'll show you an honest thief."

Lacasse's neighbors said they are not all content with letting him show his opinion where everyone can see it.

"When you use words in that nature, people tend to discount anything you have to say," said Steve Rice, who lives a couple streets away from Lacasse.

"If you're going to attract attention, at least make sure your spelling is right," Rice added, referring to Lacasse's misspelling of the word "Muslim."

Rice said everyone is talking about the sign. He added he has no problem with free speech, but he does not think it is appropriate to bring race into the issue.

Rice also said the sign was wrong, and that Obama is a Christian, despite many people thinking he is Muslim.

Obama has repeatedly identified himself as a member of the United Church of Christ. His father, however, was raised Muslim.

Rice dropped by to chat with Lacasse, whom he had not met before. They talked about campaign tactics, and that Rice was a supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton.

"Are you happy what they did to her?" Lacasse asked.

"Of course not, but am I going to post a sign going after a race or group of people because of it? No, I'm going to say, 'Vote for someone else,'" Rice replied.

"Look what he's doing to Palin," Lacasse said, referring to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Republican John McCain's running mate. "Come on. He got people going to Alaska, looking for something to say bad about her."

Lacasse said he plans to put an even bigger sign in place of the small, handmade one.

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