quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2008

Economy trumps race

From Mike Allen's Politico Playbook Daily Update:

Time's cover is Senator Obama, 'WHY THE ECONOMY IS TRUMPING RACE,' with David Von Drehle on 'HOW WORRIED WHITE VOTERS ARE TURNING TOWARD OBAMA.' Managing Editor Richard Stengel writes: 'To get to the bottom of all this, Editor-at-large David Von Drehle-who makes his home in Kansas City-took off in his dented family minivan for a 750 mile trip across the center of Missouri. In general, David found a good number of blue-collar white voters who said they plan to vote for Obama because of the economy, and some who say they plan to vote against him because they disagree with his policies. But he found little evidence that race will be a determining factor either way.'

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