quarta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2008

McCain's former "home on the range"

Didn't someone say the Obama home was too fancy because it has a solarium?

It reminds me of the article "Obama's Racial Catch-22" (already published somewhere in this blog):
In sports, white resentment about black success lays the groundwork for Jockey Syndrome. We're seeing the same thing play out in politics. It is Obama's success, and the potential discomfort that it engenders among white people, that the ad is trying to appeal to. It's very much like the racially charged sentiments of some white basketball fans that black basketball players are overpaid. No one resents franchise owners for being fantastically rich, the same way no one resents McCain for being fantastically rich, because presumably, their riches are "deserved." But fans do resent the players for million-dollar salaries the same way the Obamas are resented as elitists for owning one nice home. (See the bitter description of the Obamas' house in this Washington Post article: how dare they have a skylight!). By comparing Obama to Paris and Britney, McCain's latest ad implies that the attention given to Obama is undeserved, the result of "natural" assets rather than hard work, much like these "spoiled" athletes who "get paid too much."

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